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WW3 The Last Crusade 2049 by Beastboss WW3 The Last Crusade 2049 by Beastboss
Here is a brief summary of the nations listed
USA(btw there was a second revolution in 2017) (1783-??) Dark Blue
Anthem: My Home
Motto: By the Lord, we fight for humanity's rights
Capital: Washington DC
Population 2049: 3,543,987,643
Government: Military-democracy, Federal Republic, Constitutional Republic
Currency: US Dollar
Religion: Dominant Christianity
Official Language(s): English
Dominant culture: Franco-Germanic Culture (English, Dutch, French, German, Austrian, and Scandinavian cultures combined)
Political ideology: Centralist-Conservatism, republican(old), Anti-Fascism, Anti-Communism, Anti-Anarchism, Anti-Socialism, Capitalism, Colonial Capitalism, Democracy, Racial-Equality, Anti-Political Correctness

Asian Commonwealth (A reformed China) (2029-??) Red
Anthem: 对于我们的自由
Motto: Freedom of People
Capital: New Beijing
Population 2049: 4,365,987,541
Government: Military-democracy, Federal Republic
Currency: Yuaro
Religion: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism
Official Language(s): Indian, Cantonese
Dominant culture: Sino, Indian
Political ideology: Capitalism, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Anti-Communism, Militarism

United African Republic(2040-??) Green
Anthem: Katika nchi yetu sisi kupigana dhidi ya maovu
Motto: Finally we are united
Capital: Cape Town
Population 2049: 2,892,672,543
Government: Military-democracy, Federal Republic, Federal Monarchy
Currency: Afris
Religion: Christianity
Official Language(s): Swahilli
Dominant culture: Modern African
Political ideology: Capitalism, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Fascism, Anti-Theocracy

The South American Republic(2035-??) Teal
Anthem: Para América do Sul
Motto: Para um melhor futuro, a América do Sul torna-se um
Capital: Brasilia
Population 2049: 1,254,789,129
Government: Federal Republic, Constitutional Republic, Democracy
Currency: Sulfras
Religion: Christianity
Official Language(s): Portugese, Spanish
Dominant Culture: Brazilian
Political ideology: Capitalism, Conservatism, Catholicism, Anti-Theocracy, Anti-Communism

The Greater Muslim Caliphate(2038-??) Dark Red
Anthem: في سبيل الله والله فقط
Motto: Kill the Infedels
Capital: Meca
Population 2049: 5,931,312,761
Government: Theocracy
Currency: Allashan
Religion: Islam
Official Language(s): Arabic
Dominant culture: Radical Muslim
Political ideology: Anti-American, Anti-tolerance, Theocrats, Anti-semetic

A story on the war will be uploaded
Saint-Tepes Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Israel might have nukes but how come out of all the countries in Europe Serbia and Ireland are safe from the Caliphate? 
Beastboss Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Probably some stupid reason I made up a long time ago, i might remake this map and explain it better
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